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Albolene – Jaclyn Smith’s Beauty Secret
There’s little doubt that former Charlie’s Angels series superstar, Jaclyn Smith knows a thing or two about maintaining a gorgeous appearance. At age 72, she is clearly a timeless classic, who has used her looks and her intelligence to build an empire. During a recent interview on Megyn Kelly Today, Smith reveals her Albolene® beauty […] Read More
Albolene Eye Makeup Remover Commercial
Watch the new commercial for our Eye Makeup remover! Read More
Albolene is Pandora Boxx’s Favorite Makeup Remover!
  What do you say when the most loved drag queen on the planet and two celebrity health and beauty experts ask you to be a part of a DVD? Yes! Albolene is featured on the Workout’s A Drag DVD with Pandora Boxx and Fit & Phab founders, fitness expert Craig Ramsay and husband, beauty […] Read More
Albolene Commercial
Watch our latest commercial. Read More
New York Live
Albolene was featured on NBC New York’s hit daily lifestyle show, New York Live, on January 19, 2016. Fashion, entertainment and beauty expert Raina Seitel discussed Albolene, the beauty industry’s best kept secret that has been passed down for generations that not only removes your toughest makeup, but also moisturizes, cleanses and keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Check […] Read More
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Buzzfeed presents 14 makeup removers you can get on Amazon that people actually swear by. Spoiler alert! Albolene is one of them ☺☺ Open Article
Albolene was mentioned in InTouch Rugby’s Female Grooming and Skin Health edition as the perfect product for the beauty lover. Read the entire article at Open Article
Scrubs Mag
Albolene was included in Scrubs Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide as a great gift for Her! Read the entire article at Open Article
The Today Show
Albolene is excited to be featured in the Today Show’s article, “31 tips to speed up your morning beauty routine.” The article dishes about the top beauty tips and tricks to use in the morning in order to save time and still look beautiful! Beauty tip #18, featuring Albolene, emphasizes the importance of using products […] Open Article
CBS Watch!
Save Face! CBS Watch! understands the importance of removing makeup daily and listed Albolene as an easy one-step makeup remover that keeps skin fresh. Read the entire article at Open Article
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