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Why Albolene

35 Makeup Artists and Beauty Influencers You Need To Follow

There are so many beautiful and inspiring makeup looks on Instagram, and no shortage of influencers and enthusiasts creating new looks every day. If you haven’t found a beauty account whose content you live and breathe for, are you really into beauty at all? Just kidding! But really, the range of styles, techniques and aesthetics is so broad; there is a perfect beauty account for everyone.

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Here are some great beauty uses for Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser

Eye Shadow Rescue

Eye Shadow Rescue:

Is your favorite eye shadow broken into tiny bits? Don’t fret. Take the remainder and put it into a small plastic bag or sealable container. Mix in a tiny bit of Albolene to create a creamy shadow of your favorite color instead.

Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips:

Dab Albolene on the lips. After a few minutes, use a clean, damp, small, soft toothbrush to brush off any flaky bits of dry skin. Finish off by lining lips with a neutral lip liner and pat on some more Albolene for a dewy pout.

Intensify Décolletage

Intensify Décolletage:

Rub Albolene along your cleavage and collarbones. Dust with highlighter for a twinkling effect when wearing a strapless top or dress.

Solid Perfume Scent

Solid Perfume Scent:

For a long-lasting refreshing scent, combine a few drops of your favorite essential oil with one teaspoon of Albolene in a small plastic container. Blend well and rub into pulse points. Use Albolene to experiment with other essential oils to develop your own affordable, “personalized” fragrance.

Smooth Rough Skin

Smooth Rough Skin:

If you’ve applied too much Albolene to your face when removing makeup at night, don’t let it go to waste. Use the extra on cuticles, elbows, knees or heels to smooth rough patches.

Moisturizing Facial

Moisturizing Facial:

Apply a thin layer of Albolene to your entire face and neck. Let the product set for about 5 minutes. For extra benefits, apply during the last five minutes of your bath – the steam will allow the product to really penetrate into your open pores. Then, wipe away any excess with a cotton pad or tissue. Do this once a week to keep skin smooth and soft.

Red Carpet Ready Legs

Red Carpet Ready Legs:

Don’t you just love the way that celebrities’ legs look at events? To achieve this look, rub Albolene along your legs and dust with some highlighting powder to make them look sleek and sophisticated. Women with darker-toned skin can combine some sheer bronzer with Albolene for a warm, sexy look.