Pandora Boxx

Albolene is Pandora Boxx’s Favorite Makeup Remover!


What do you say when the most loved drag queen on the planet and two celebrity health and beauty experts ask you to be a part of a DVD? Yes! Albolene is featured on the Workout’s A Drag DVD with Pandora Boxx and Fit & Phab founders, fitness expert Craig Ramsay and husband, beauty guru Brand Liberati. Workout is major departure from an average routine filled with traditional repetitions and sets and is designed to make fitness feel more like a party, where viewers at home enjoy a more light-hearted experience. Between routines beauty expert Liberati and Pandora Boxx weigh in with some of the hottest beauty tricks of the trade, including Albolene (Pandora’s best-kept beauty secret) and its myriad uses. Check out the three Albolene tips below and if you’d like to watch the entire workout, you can purchase it exclusively through on DVD and as a digital download for $14.95. Here’s to always looking and feeling fabulous!