Always for Everyone

For almost 140 years Albolene has served women and men, who believe skincare and makeup is a means of self discovery and expression, no matter if the look is subtle, bold, glam, or something in between.

Why Albolene

Always You.

We believe beauty should be defined by you and only you. We believe how you express yourself, how you live your life, and what gives you confidence should define your beauty. We advocate for and celebrate self expression. We always stand with you, and we celebrate every expression of you, always.

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Albolene through the ages
Albolene baby

One of Albolene’s first uses was to gently cleanse an infant’s tender nose skin. January 1915 Ladies Home Journal.

Albolene ads

Generations of theater and screen actors trusted Albolene to gently cleanse their complexions and keep their skin looking vibrant, healthy and youthful.

Hydration Packed Albolene Products

We use the best science to unlock the power of simple, clean ingredients without any harsh additives or unnecessary ingredients. For almost 140 years we’ve always delivered clean formulas that support holistic skin health.