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Why Albolene

Albolene is available in the facial cleansing and/or moisturizer sections at many retailers nationally, as well as online. Please click here for Where to Buy.

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No, you don’t need to wash your face before or after using Albolene to remove makeup. However, if you want an extra clean feel, you can pair Albolene with another cleanser of your choice. We suggest our Daily Facial Cleanser.

Fragrance free means that a product does not contain any fragrance. Many doctors and dermatologists recommend fragrance free products because fragrances have been known to cause skin irritation in some people. Unscented products may contain hints of fragrance.

We believe beauty is more than skin deep. We believe self-expression starts with a fresh foundation -- a canvas for endless possibilities. Whether you're heading out in high glam or going through the day bare faced, skincare and makeup are a means of self-discovery and self-expression. With simple, effective skincare products that support healthy skin, we celebrate every bold expression of you, always.

As demonstrated by independent clinical studies, our products are designed to remove stubborn mascara, lipstick, and makeup easily yet leave skin feeling soft and moisturized. Daily use of Albolene can protect the skin’s outermost layer from becoming dry and damaged, while also promoting vibrant, health skin and a younger-looking complexion.

The full list of ingredients can be found on each product’s page: Moisturizing Cleanser, Hydrating Cleansing Balm, Micellar Milk, Daily Facial Cleanser in addition to expanded information on the 5 key ingredients and moisturizers in each formula.

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