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35 Makeup Artists and Beauty Influencers You Need To Follow

There are so many beautiful and inspiring makeup looks on Instagram, and no shortage of influencers and enthusiasts creating new looks every day. If you haven’t found a beauty account whose content you live and breathe for, are you really into beauty at all? Just kidding! But really, the range of styles, techniques and aesthetics is so broad; there is a perfect beauty account for everyone.

We’ve rounded up rising stars in the beauty and lifestyle game to give you a head start. These talented creators range from glam queens to full on face artists. Check out (and follow!) these amazing artists and let them shower your feed with beauty, fierceness and inspiration.

1. Chauncey Hollister @chaunceyhollister

One of our favorite wellness mamas (and Albolene fan)! Chauncey posts adorable and inspiring content about life as mom of three beautiful kids, saving money, and taking care of yourself. She’s both aspirational AND relatable!

We adore seeing Chauncey’s matching outfits with her daughter and reading her uplifting and positive captions.

2. Robin Black @beautyisboring

The way that Robin Black does makeup is far from boring. She’s a celebrity makeup artist and photographer who has worked with high-fashion magazines, on red carpets and on top runways. But she hasn’t always been a makeup guru. In fact, she didn’t start her beauty career until she was 30! Comes to show that you’re never too old to start playing with makeup.

3. Claire Marshall @heyclaire

Looking for hip, mellow southern California vibes? Look no further than Claire Marshall, an LA –based beauty and lifestyle blogger. She has an effortlessly chic fashion and interior design style, and an adorable cat!

4. Katie Cole @fancyflutie

Katie Cole is an amazing face and body painter in Los Angeles. She can paint a variety of spooky characters and looks including a skeleton Minnie Mouse, Vincent Van Gogh, a three-eyed alien, and a female Grinch. She even made herself look just like Lana Del Ray!

Did we mention she’s self-taught? And thankfully for all of us she often posts tutorials of her looks and they are mesmerizing to watch.

5. Kaneshia Shana @kaneshiashana

Kaneshia Shana is a super creative makeup artist with tons of range. She can do everything from everyday glam to festival looks to graphic face art.  She’s always posting something different and we love scrolling through her IG feed.

Oh, and she makes reusable glittery glam Starbucks cups and custom glam cartoons for clients. Kaneshia truly puts the art in makeup artist.

6. Annie Thomas @creative.cliche

Annie Thomas is your one-stop shop for Halloween inspo. Her cartoon-inspired face and body art are entertaining and impressive. Some of Annie’s creations include Nigel Thornberry, Garfield, the Mona Lisa, a chia pet, among so many other masterpieces.

Her looks, line work and colors are so accurate and precise that you’d think she invented all these characters. Annie really has a knack for bringing the imaginary to life.

7. Ciara Marie Ova @ciaramarieova

We love Ciara for all the amazing products she shows us. She posts tons of face masks, makeup removal, skincare and adorable makeup videos.

Ciara also blesses us with simple glam looks and mini tutorials. Thanks for trying out all these products so that we don’t have to!

8. Myke Silva @mykesilva

Mykes Silva’s colorful feed gives us life! It’s upbeat and always radiates positivity. He is a self-taught makeup artist who’s really killing the game. Whether it’s highlighter, glitter or gemstones, Myke is always sparkling.

And while there are hundreds of stunning women in the beauty world, Myke gives off fresh masculine energy. 

9. Brittany Jones @thebrand_beline

Brittany Jones is a glowing beauty and fashion influencer based in North Carolina. She is our inspo for elegant glam makeup and date night looks.

We are enamored with her chic and feminine style and ability to look like she is literally glowing from the inside-out even without makeup. Still waiting for her to reveal that flawless skin secret!

10. Meriam Gonzalez @meriamgonzalez

Meriam is a Miami-based beauty and lifestyle influencer. She posts about her favorite skincare products as well as her days in sunny South Florida.

We love her elegant, feminine style and bright feed. It makes us feel like we’re on a lunch date by the beach.

11. Maria Khan-Zuberi @mariakhanzuberi

Maria is a Chicago-based makeup artist who primarily works with brides, but her content is all about her lifestyle.

Her Instagram feed is filled with tons of fashion looks, events, skin and health products, sprinkled with adorable pictures of her family. We love seeing moms like her who continue to be fashionable (yet relatable!).

12. Melissa Marrero @glambymeli

If you’re into glamour, you have to follow Melissa Marrero! Her social media is full of different kinds of glam looks. She’s a Florida beauty and lifestyle influencer and your go-to for smokey, glittery, pastel, colorful, nude, nighttime (you name it!) glam! She also offers tips and tricks for perfecting different combinations of ombre lips.

13. Sandy Hirales @sandyhirales

Sandy’s makeup is like decoration for your lids. It ranges from bright and colorful to festive and artistic. She often incorporates embellishments, glitter and eyeliner to take her eye makeup to the next level.

We love that she continues to experiment with her makeup and grow as an artist.

14. Kiera Marie Spann @kieramarie.xx

Kiera Marie is a budding makeup artist in Pennsylvania. She creates tons of fun makeup looks and face art.

We love how she encourages her social media audience to give her feedback on her creations and that she isn’t afraid to go outside of her comfort zone to learn and grow.

Oh, and we’re dying over her hilarious and relatable Tik Toks.

15. Deborah Bland @beatsbydeb

Deb is a young self-taught makeup artist based in Michigan who also owns her own cosmetics company. She is alllllll about glitter, sparkle and huge, fluffy lashes.

She’s young but it seems like she’s been in the makeup game for years. We are all over her bold style and fashion and can’t wait to see her thrive.

16. Tiffany Hunt @illumin_arty

Tiffany Hunt is a professional makeup artist that goes between the US and UK. We love her makeup style and how seamlessly she blends glam and cartoon looks.

She also posts about her skincare routine and the products she uses after removing pounds of makeup!

Like every makeup artist, Tiffany had to start somewhere and she frequently reminds her audience of this. She has numerous side-by-side photos showing her skill now versus years ago. She graciously emphasizes that it takes time and practice to get really, really good.

17. Ashley @Itshotchiick

Ashley is an award winning pro makeup artist and beauty influencer based out of South Florida. She showcases her work on her clients and adorns their eyes with beautiful tropical colors and voluminous lashes.

Ashley’s Instagram feed also includes tutorials and makeup tips and tricks. If you do it right, you might wind up looking like a glowing queen just like her clients.

18. Lupe Cuevas Romero @lupescuevas

Lupe Cuevas Romero is a makeup artist based in Los Angeles. She creates soft feminine looks and wears coordinating wigs! We can’t stop looking at Lupe’s signature nose highlight and contour that makes her look like a living doll.

She also has no shortage of GRWM videos and makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel to admire!

19. JuneNoel @Visiblejune

June Noel is an edgy makeup artist and influencer in Florida. She’s got a mullet, shaved the ends of her eyebrows and is not afraid to show her personality.  Catch her outside with graphic liner, super rosy cheeks and chunky chokers.

She creates unique, spooky designs and characters and we just love her twist on trendy looks.

20. Sam @sn0ok

Sam is a makeup enthusiast who creates the cutest and prettiest modern fantasy looks.

She makes beautiful modern recreations of tv and movie characters. Her distinct style is bold and feminine with a hint of whimsy.

When we look at her feed, we feel like we’ve been transported into an enchanting storybook.

21. Tiffany Violet @tifanyviolet

Tiffany Violet is a New York beauty influencer who’s been featured in Essence and Allure magazines. She says she’s not a makeup artist, but her stunning looks have got us fooled.

We also love that Tiffany’s makeup is doable (some of us just aren’t face painters okay?!). Her looks are beautiful and accessible and she offers some makeup tips and tricks so we can recreate her looks.

22. Rain Cornelius @raincornelius

We can’t just call what Rain does simply beautiful eye makeup. Her sculpted eye liner designs look like the perfect frame for her eyes.

We love the way her designs so perfectly align with and complement her eye shape and can’t get over how talented and precise she is with her work.

23. Tiana DaSilva @nowlosingsanity

Tiana DaSilva, based in Massachusetts, creates soft, whimsical, pastel eye looks. She combines these soft, fluffy colors with delicate and precise graphic liner designs. Tiana posts mini tutorials of her super pretty looks on Tik Tok!

24. Jolani Jolie @jolanijolie

Jolani Jolie is a beauty influencer who creates stunning eye looks. The way she utilizes colors and highlight makes it look like her eyelids are actually radiating light.

She has a gift for choosing and combining stunning colors and blending them into silky perfection. We are enamored with how she pairs subdued hues with pops of color and want to recreate every single one of her vibrant designs.

25. Suzy Shattuck @suzyshattuck

Suzy Shattuck is lifestyle and fashion influencer. We love, love, love her vintage vibe, especially her bold flare pants and platform boots! We’re here for Suzy’s defiance of current fashion trends and adherence to her own rules.

She’s a very creative influencer with fun ideas who goes the extra mile to add details and authenticity to every post.

26. Caylin McDonie @mamamcdonie

Caylin is a hairstylist and makeup artist in Florida. She creates glowing, colorful makeup looks that should be in editorials. We love how she truly plays with makeup and challenges norms with looks like purple blush and feathered lids.

Her dreamy artistic lids and wispy lashes have us inspired to step out of our own beauty comfort zones.

27. Drew @mcdrew

Drew is a self-taught makeup artist from Michigan who creates awesome face art. She does tons of colorful skull face art as well as 3D designs such as a huge eyeball that covers her face, gemstones and ornaments.

Drew is also no stranger to glam eyes and glamourized characters. We love her soft makeup aesthetic and ability to truly paint her face.

28. Shannon Smart @makeupbyshanshan

Shannon Smart is a beauty influencer whose skin is as radiant and flawless as her makeup looks. She uses deep, rich colors and still manages to seamlessly blend everything together.

We love seeing which products she uses as a beauty influencer, which ones she recommends and how she creates magic from different palettes.

29. Shaina Simmons @tailormadejane

Shaina is a triple threat from Las Vegas, Nevada: she does hair (wigs), nails and makeup! She posts makeup tutorials, wig installation, behind the scenes and all sorts of other tips and tricks.

We can’t get over how meticulous Shaina is in everything she does. It truly pays off because her looks and designs are incredible.

30. Raychel Roll @raydiatebyraychel

Raychel Roll is a face painter and makeup artist based in Washington state. She posts fun cartoony designs and dazzling eye looks. Raychel also posts entertaining Tik Toks of her makeup creations that make following along a treat.

While her Instagram feed is full of creative face paint designs and colorful lids, she creates stunning (and much more subtle!) looks for her bridal clients.  

31. Micaela Davis @micaelaladavis

Micaela Davis is a young “makeup enthusiast” who creates beautiful eye looks. We love her minimal approach to her makeup looks and that she focuses primarily on eyelid art and designs.

Micaela also provides super helpful and detailed tutorials of her work so that we can try to replicate her beautiful lids at home.

32. Crème Fatale @cremefatale

Move over Trixie and Kim Chi, there’s a new wide-eyed Queen taking over! Crème Fatale is an adorable LA drag queen. Our favorite part of her aesthetic is her eyes! The outrageous lashes, colors and designs make Crème look like a wide-eyed doll. And when she paints her skin different colors, she truly does look like a “Professional Cupcake.”

33. Gabrielle Alexis @gabxxrielle

We love Gabrielle’s Barbie doll looks as much as her creative fantasy ones. She is highly skilled with amazing technique. Her skin always looks like satin and her colors are blended to perfection. Each creation looks as if she was born with it on her face.  

Oh, and she creates realistic eyes and eyeshadow looks on her arm with just makeup. She gives a whole new meaning to makeup artist.

34. Naezrah @naezrahlooks

Naezrah’s shine so bright we have to wear sunglasses. She specializes in glam makeup and is a MUA to follow. Her eye looks are so vibrant, rich and colorful that you’d think she painted these looks on. Fortunately, she offers classes on how to do looks on yourself or aspiring makeup artist techniques.

And if you prefer Naezrah to work her magic herself, you can book her for variety of looks.

35. Cait Marks @caitmarks

Cait Marks is a makeup artist and content creator based in Los Angeles. She’s got a distinct soft grunge style, pouty lips and piercing eyes.  

We’re obsessed with how her looks accentuate, define and shape her face. She offers tons of tips, tricks, techniques and inspiration to help you in your own makeup looks.