A Sultry Summer Makeup Look

Avani Rampersad

“As a busy mom, I try to create looks that can be quickly replicated and used for various occasions. What I love about this look is that it is soft enough to rock with a summer dress and smokey enough for a night in the city. You can wear this look with your jeans or cocktail dress, and for moms who go through several settings in a day without time to change our makeup looks, this is what we need. My best tip with this look is my use of argan oil before applying my unique shade of lippie. Rubbing in one or two drops of argan oil makes your lips moist & conditioned so your matte lipstick looks less dry and creasy.It’s also great for your lips and helps heal dry or cracked lips. Another trick that I tried with this look was the application of a bronze cream shimmer to the inner corner of my eye and my upper eyelids to turn this Smokey matte look into a shimmery look!”