How to Use Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser - Albolene

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How to Use Albolene® Moisturizing Cleanser

With Albolene®
Taking off makeup is

The majority of women (83%) ages 18-54 in the United States wear makeup, yet a new Harris Poll survey by Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser revealed that almost this entire population (81%) has complaints about their makeup removal process, with close to two-thirds (62%) admitting that it’s just downright frustrating.

Removing makeup is one more chore on your “to do” list. And, it’s imperative to remove makeup to keep your skin healthy. With so many women feeling overscheduled, overextended and overloaded, it’s no wonder that they think taking off their makeup is annoying, not always effective and takes too much time. In fact, almost half (49%) of women surveyed, ages 18-54, said it was faster to shower than remove their makeup!1.

When you are looking for a fast, easy and effective solution to makeup removal, Albolene’s time tested formula has been cleansing and moisturizing complexions for over a century. Albolene easily and quickly removes waterproof mascara, lipstick, dirt and environmental residue, while keeping your skin moist, supple and soft.

Here are three easy steps for removing makeup and moisturizing your face at the same time:

  1. Push your hair back from your face.
  2. Start by removing more stubborn eye makeup with a dab of Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser. Apply Albolene to the eye area, gently massage in, then tissue off (you can use a cotton pad or soft cloth as well). It leaves your eyes makeup free, with no stinging or burning.
  3. Next, smooth Albolene onto the rest of your face and either tissue off, use a cotton pad or soft cloth to gently wipe away the excess. No need for soap or rinsing, which can dry out your skin. Albolene is a multi-use product in one as it acts as both a makeup remover and moisturizing cleanser that keeps skin smooth, soft and younger-looking. Clinical studies demonstrate that it removes makeup and moisturizes skin better than the competitive brands2.
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  2. Skin Study Center, November 1997