Take the Albolene Challenge!

Albolene Challenge

Everyone wants to lose a few pounds, but those first few or last few pounds (and stubborn inches that come with them) can be a real nuisance.  Trouble areas include the thighs, buttocks and tummies, and are often an issue for both women and men.  Well, there's a secret that's been used in the boxing industry for decades that can help these trouble spots.  For those who need to lose the last five pounds, or to help motivate those who want to lose the first five, Albolene Makeup Remover, applied to the skin before a workout, can help increase perspiration to help minimize these trouble spots.  So, take the Albolene challenge to help zip up a favorite pairs of jeans or slip more comfortably into that body-hugging dress...in just a week!   

Health Note: It is very important to always drink water while working out to help you stay hydrated. Please check with your physician before beginning any new fitness program.

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