Taking the Challenge!

The Albolene Challenge 

First, determine your trouble spots -- buttocks, abdomen, thighs -- and take their measurements using a soft, plastic tape measure (don't use metal!).  Make a note of your measurements before starting your first Albolene Challenge workout.

Before your workout, liberally apply Albolene Makeup Remover to your trouble spots. Work out using sweat-producing exercises for at least 30 minutes; continue this process for five days (for some sample exercises to help you "punch up" your workout, click here).

Albolene acts as a blanket on the skin, causing heat to be trapped, allowing you to sweat more and burn inches quickly in these trouble areas.  After five days of working out, take your measurements again to see...and feel the difference.  Email us your results so that we can share your success story with our site visitors!

P.S. For quicker results, apply Albolene and then cover the area with a sweat-producing slimming belt or shorts (made of neoprene).  One company that makes such belts or shorts is Valeo.