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  • Nothing like it. I started using Albolene 40 years ago. I live in Israel. This product is only sold in New York. I always have to ask friends to buy it for me. I have family in Miami and Atlanta but they cannot find Albolene there. I am very happy I managed to place an order through your website now. I am 70 years old, my face skin looks like a 50 years old I am sure only thanks to Albolene. I never use any other cosmetics on my face

    - Unknown - 5 stars
  • Sexual Lube! Albolene unscented. This is the best sexual lube on the market - I don't understand why it is not noted for that? I have been using it for years with no problems! Much better than that K brand product. If you have tried the rest it, is time to try the best. Simply preforms like no other! Give it a try! You will not come away with out a mess! Cleans up nicely with just a few sheets of paper towels. I hope this gets posted! :)

    - Smorger - 5 stars
  • The Greatest. This is by far the best skin care product I have ever used. It beats everything on the market. One jar instead of 5. I like that.

    - Unknown - 5 stars
  • Great.................... Albolene that has multiple uses such as: Face cleaner, lubrication, Plus..........

    - Unknown - 5 stars
  • User of albolene creme for 46 years. Am 73 - look 60. This product is marvelous for so many cleansing issues.

    - Unknown - 5 stars
  • Albolene for Lubrication. Thank you for a product, Albolene that has multiple uses. I used to get multiple UTI's and started using it for intimate relations and don't get UTI's anymore.

    - Healthy - 5 stars
  • Best. This is the best make up remover. You only need to apply it one time and everything comes off. My drag queen friends (who cake the make up on) LOVE it.

    - Unknown - 5 stars
  • Albolene scented cream is fabulous! I have used Albolene scented cream for over 62 years! Anyone can use this cream and reap the benefits of soft natural skin. I know it is advertized to remove makeup but it had other benefits. Take a piece of moist cheese cloth and a little of the Albolene cream and them wipe it on any part of your body. It soften your skin while removing any dead skin from you body. Try and I know you wil use it everyday.

    - Janet - 5 stars
  • I have been using Abolene cream since I was a teenager 40 years ago. The one thing I noticed through the years is that when applying the cream, I always used a back and forth motion, over and under my eye, to remove eye make up. I did this every night at bedtime and never slept in my make up. Over the years, I did not develop the bags under the eyes look like a lot of my friends the same age. I have become to believe that this motion I used helped to keep the fats under the eye from settling, thus, leaving me with younger looking eyes. Although I am nearly sixty, I am mistaken for a 40 year old all the time. Abolene cream is very good and I have enjoyed using it as it always cleaned off my make up very well, and as a plus, was very cost efficient. I bought a large size of it and paid about $11, but the cream lasted me for about seven years. I have always only used eye make up and it only takes a small amount to clean away the make up. I feel I will always use Abolene cream and have started my granddaughters on this wonderful way to remove make up.

    - Susan W., Century, FL
  • Dear Sirs,

    I would never be without [Albolene]. I came upon Albolene cleanser almost 45 years ago. I would never be without it. (No matter how hard it is to find at times!). I have always used Albolene. I have a great complexion which I attribute to my Albolene.

    - Helena B.,
  • Dear Mr. Daya,

    When I found Albolene I knew that I had a product for life.

    This letter may seem unusual to you, but I felt that I needed to let you know about the product Albolene. I have been a user of this remarkable product for many years having discovered this hidden secret when I was at the drug store one day. Having tried several products years ago I was disappointed at the end results and the greasy feeling after using some of them. When I found Albolene I knew that I had a product for life. I wish I could remember when I first started using the product but I know that it has been many years.

    I receive so many questions as to what I use on my skin. Everyone that feels my face agrees that my skin is as soft as (well you know what) and they are amazed at how old I am. Just so you know I will be 66 in July and I owe my youthful appearance to your product. I am dedicated to your product and love to tell anyone that asks what it is and where it can be purchased.

    Thank you for your time and you should be very pleased to be representing such a remarkable product.

    - Barbara J., West Palm Beach, FL
  • This is a big thumbs up for your product. I found a canister of your "Anti-Monkey Butt Powder" and started laughing so hard in the aisle of Walmart that people were looking at me funny. I'll admit, I bought it at first for the hilarity factor, but then I used it.

    I live just outside Houston, Texas and this year we've had a horrible heat wave. It's 100F just about every day and the humidity is terrible. I started using your powder and it really works! Not only that but it works and it smells good.

    I've spoken to several friends, who, like me spend a lot of time making beaded jewelry. We sit for hours working, then sitting in traffic, then sitting at home, etc. I told my friends that your product really works and now they are buying it also.

    Thank you for coming up with something that satisfies both my sense of humor and stops that awful sweaty feeling that comes along with living here in S.E. Texas.

    - Sunday B., Houston, Texas
  • My name is Randy and I am a Firefighter in California. I got my first bottle of Monkey Butt as a joke for fathers day. Let me tell you it's no joke. As a Firefighter spending hours on end fighting wildland fires the last thing I need to worry about is dealing with chaffing. With all of the safety gear that we have to wear plus it being 115 degrees F. plus the heat from the fire believe me when I say we sweat A LOT. I have tried many other products and I must say that AMBP is by far the BEST product out there! When lives and property are on the line I need to be at the top of my game. AMBP helps me achieve that goal! I have just ordered a six pack and a COOL shirt from you guys. Fire season is a LONG way from being over here in California. Thanks for your GREAT product and I will be sure to pass your product name around the Fire Line and Fire Camp. Thanks again for making my job easier! Randy S. Martin Firefighter/Arson Investigator

    - Randy M., Firefighter/Arson Investigator,
  • Dear Sirs,

    I just had to write and tell you how much I like your wonderful product, Lipoflavonoid. I had heard it advertised on TV a few months ago: the ringing (noise) in my ears was so bad I had a hard time sleeping at night.

    I have been taking these pills for 5 months now and all the noises have stopped I have been recommending them to all my friends (we are senior citizens). My daughter who is a Registered Nurse has also been telling her patients about them. Thank you for this wonderful product.

    - Lorraine T.,
  • Dear Sir:

    Deep in my heart, I’ve known for some time now that I must write this letter. I preach to my students that they should communicate what they are feeling to the people responsible. In this case, that would be you.

    I have taught elementary school for over twenty years, most of that time as a reading specialist. A few years back, I developed tinnitus, which interfered slightly with job. I read what I could find and readily tried all the herbal remedies offered. Nothing helped, so I visited the local ENT to no avail. There was good news and bad news, as they say. The good news was that there was nothing seriously wrong with my hearing. Except . . . I was diagnosed with tinnitus.

    For me, it began as a pleasant sound, like peepers in the springtime. Falling asleep wasn’t really a problem, although the doctors all suggested white noise. That wasn’t for me. I work hard; sleep comes easily. But the buzzing has gotten worse, especially during the cold season. And then I gave up my reading position to take a fifth grade classroom. Twenty-two students. On good days, the buzzing wasn’t a problem. We even laughed about it. But when I had a cold, I could not understand what my pupils said to me. I felt that my job was actually in jeopardy.

    Josh, my computer whiz-kid, brought in a folded up scrap of paper one day. He’d seen your commercial (possibly the first run) for Lipo-flavonoid and jotted down the name for me. I thanked him and dropped the paper in my purse, where it lay forgotten for many months. During that time, I visited an ENT specialist, who took many tests, and assured me that I’ll never need a hearing aid. However, I have tinnitus. (Beginning to sound like a broken record?) We discussed herbals that I’d tried. I honestly think he was impressed with my knowledge of the subject. But he had no cure.

    Then came the day I dug out my old purse, and there it was! Lipo-flavonoid has been my salvation. Yes, I need to take six a day, as recommended. And yes, sometimes I try to get by on less when money is tight. I’m always sorry because my condition worsens.

    My favorite drug store actually orders your product special for me, and they now recommend it to other tinnitus sufferers. In the end, I guess I just want to say thank you. That little commercial of yours doesn’t do justice to the relief your product brings. Thank you.

    - Deborah P, Jamestown, NY
  • I am 28 years and have found the best deodorant of my life! I have always known something was wrong with me because of my excessive underarm sweat. I never had a problem with odor, but it definitely inhibited me in all aspects of my life. I would only choose clothing in colors that could hide my sweat circles. I would never raise my arms, even when dancing or in class. I even tried all of the "clinical strength" over-the-counter deodorants, to no avail. I decided to give Certain Dri a try after seeing a commercial and spotting it at a local CVS for a very reasonable price. Long story short, I have been a dedicated Certain Dri user since September 2008. No more sweat, period! I can wear what I want and raise my hands! Yay!

    - Jannelle, E., Laurel, MD
  • I sweat ALOT!! and like everyone else, it's SOOO embarassing!! espescially when I go to work, because we have uniforms that we have to wear, and I would always sweat in my shirt, and it was so uncomfortable to wear, and embarassing, because I knew my coworkers and our customers were looking at me. When I found CertainDri, I knew I had to try it. I tried other deodorants that PROMISED if you used their product, sweating would stop, but did it?? NOOOO!!!! So, when I found CertainDri, I thought, "Not other one? This one is not going to work! Why bother with it?" But I thought I would buy it and try it anyways. Lo and Behold, this stuff works!! I don't stop sweating all together, but you defintly can't see it on my shirt anymore. I love this product! I would defintly recommend it to anyone who sweats like me. Thank you CertainDri! :)

    - Holly, Magnolia, TX
  • Dear Sirs,

    My gratitude for your product is like trying to explain a miracle.

    I’m referring to your Lipo-flavonoid. A very intelligent young lady, one of several pharmacists at my drugstore, suggested I try your product to help my tinnitus. It was so severe that it was affecting my whole nervous system. The sound was not gentle – more like tin pans smashing together 24 hours a day.

    Of course none of the specialists I went to could offer any help.

    I’m doing my best to spread the word among my friends and anyone who has a similar problem – and there are a lot of them. The first pill I took gave me such relief I knew it was the right thing for me.

    How else can I help you to get your product better known and available?

    I am ninety-one years old, in a very nice home with my daughter who is my “caretaker” but despite my age and frail condition, I can still feel very strongly that your product needs to be better known.

    The blessed silence is like a gift from God.

    So, God bless you and may you prosper and succeed beyond your fondest dreams.

    - Natalie S.,