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  • Nothing like it. I started using Albolene 40 years ago. I live in Israel. This product is only sold in New York. I always have to ask friends to buy it for me. I have family in Miami and Atlanta but they cannot find Albolene there. I am very happy I managed to place an order through your website now. I am 70 years old, my face skin looks like a 50 years old I am sure only thanks to Albolene. I never use any other cosmetics on my face

    - Unknown - 5 stars
  • Sexual Lube! Albolene unscented. This is the best sexual lube on the market - I don't understand why it is not noted for that? I have been using it for years with no problems! Much better than that K brand product. If you have tried the rest it, is time to try the best. Simply preforms like no other! Give it a try! You will not come away with out a mess! Cleans up nicely with just a few sheets of paper towels. I hope this gets posted! :)

    - Smorger - 5 stars
  • The Greatest. This is by far the best skin care product I have ever used. It beats everything on the market. One jar instead of 5. I like that.

    - Unknown - 5 stars
  • Great.................... Albolene that has multiple uses such as: Face cleaner, lubrication, Plus..........

    - Unknown - 5 stars
  • User of albolene creme for 46 years. Am 73 - look 60. This product is marvelous for so many cleansing issues.

    - Unknown - 5 stars
  • Albolene for Lubrication. Thank you for a product, Albolene that has multiple uses. I used to get multiple UTI's and started using it for intimate relations and don't get UTI's anymore.

    - Healthy - 5 stars
  • Best. This is the best make up remover. You only need to apply it one time and everything comes off. My drag queen friends (who cake the make up on) LOVE it.

    - Unknown - 5 stars
  • Albolene scented cream is fabulous! I have used Albolene scented cream for over 62 years! Anyone can use this cream and reap the benefits of soft natural skin. I know it is advertized to remove makeup but it had other benefits. Take a piece of moist cheese cloth and a little of the Albolene cream and them wipe it on any part of your body. It soften your skin while removing any dead skin from you body. Try and I know you wil use it everyday.

    - Janet - 5 stars
  • I have been using Abolene cream since I was a teenager 40 years ago. The one thing I noticed through the years is that when applying the cream, I always used a back and forth motion, over and under my eye, to remove eye make up. I did this every night at bedtime and never slept in my make up. Over the years, I did not develop the bags under the eyes look like a lot of my friends the same age. I have become to believe that this motion I used helped to keep the fats under the eye from settling, thus, leaving me with younger looking eyes. Although I am nearly sixty, I am mistaken for a 40 year old all the time. Abolene cream is very good and I have enjoyed using it as it always cleaned off my make up very well, and as a plus, was very cost efficient. I bought a large size of it and paid about $11, but the cream lasted me for about seven years. I have always only used eye make up and it only takes a small amount to clean away the make up. I feel I will always use Abolene cream and have started my granddaughters on this wonderful way to remove make up.

    - Susan W., Century, FL
  • Dear Sirs,

    I would never be without [Albolene]. I came upon Albolene cleanser almost 45 years ago. I would never be without it. (No matter how hard it is to find at times!). I have always used Albolene. I have a great complexion which I attribute to my Albolene.

    - Helena B.,
  • Dear Mr. Daya,

    When I found Albolene I knew that I had a product for life.

    This letter may seem unusual to you, but I felt that I needed to let you know about the product Albolene. I have been a user of this remarkable product for many years having discovered this hidden secret when I was at the drug store one day. Having tried several products years ago I was disappointed at the end results and the greasy feeling after using some of them. When I found Albolene I knew that I had a product for life. I wish I could remember when I first started using the product but I know that it has been many years.

    I receive so many questions as to what I use on my skin. Everyone that feels my face agrees that my skin is as soft as (well you know what) and they are amazed at how old I am. Just so you know I will be 66 in July and I owe my youthful appearance to your product. I am dedicated to your product and love to tell anyone that asks what it is and where it can be purchased.

    Thank you for your time and you should be very pleased to be representing such a remarkable product.

    - Barbara J., West Palm Beach, FL